Expiatory Fraternity of the Deceased’s of Tibidabo

Expiatory Fraternity of the Deceased’s of Tibidabo

A large parish borderless living and the dead

The Expiatory Fraternity of the Deceased’s of Tibidabo was born and linked to the Notre-Dame Fraternity of Montligeon (http://www.montligeon.org/fr/) a spiritual family that gathers since 1884 to those who wish to establish ties with the deceased undying love and grace. This love takes the form of prayer for one another whose fruits are releasing the deceased and purification of the souls of the living path to eternal life.

The celebration of Mass is the privileged means by which members of the Fraternity, together with the sacrifice of Jesus for the gift of their lives, raise their prayers to the Father through the maternal mediation of the Blessed Virgin.

So members are committed to an ongoing effort of conversion for the benefit of other living and deceased members, since in the communion of saints, “a soul that rises raises the world.”

“This exercise of evangelical charity open to all members the treasures of divine mercy as repeatedly promised by the Lord to those who have exercised mercy” (Cardinal Pacelli, the Cinquantenaire Charter of the fraternity).

The inscription

Obra ExpiatoriaSelf-registration or the recommendation of a third person, living or dead, is accompanied by an offering fixed 30 €.

The offering is merely to express the desire to offer their Christian life in the practice of faith in Jesus Salvador, in the hope of eternal life promised by Jesus on charity in the Spirit given by Jesus, particularly with regard to people tested all the duels that life reserves. The soul thus participates in the salvation of all, especially of his closest living and deceased.

In addition to this registration in the atoning work, the new willing member, ie, exhibiting a real love of God, repent of their sins, trusting in the mercy of Christ, firmly believes in the communion of saints and receives the plenary indulgence for all their sins (under standard conditions)

You can register new members by downloading and filling out the following form: Obra Expiatoria de los difuntos and send it along with proof of entry to obra.dfuntos@templotibidabo.es

You can make your donation in the Current Account from “La Caixa”
ES97 2100 3006 9822 0040 2025
indicating in the field concept: “Expiatory Fraternity register of: [Name and Surname of the person to be registered]”